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Domenico of Progress Capital secures $42.5M loan for Maddd Equities’ Bridgemarket in NYC

New York, NY — In a significant real estate loan transaction, Brad Domenico, partner of Progress Capital, has successfully arranged a $42.5 million loan for Maddd Equities, LLC, a New York-based real estate development and investment firm. The loan aims to refinance Bridgemarket, a unique 100,000 s/f marketplace situated at the intersection of East 59th St. and First Ave. in Manhattan.

Bridgemarket’s esteemed commercial tenants including Gustavino’s, TJ Maxx, Ship Essentials, and Trader Joe’s, form the foundation of its vibrant commercial landscape. By combining elegance, value, convenience, and quality, these tenants have established Bridgemarket as a go-to destination for urban dwellers seeking a diverse range of options

“Bridgemarket is more than just a marketplace, it’s where history, culture, and commerce converge, making it a destination of choice for both residents and visitors.” – Brad Domenico

Nestled in the heart of New York City, Bridgemarket stands as an iconic and vibrant marketplace, offering a plethora of shopping experiences for both residents and visitors. With a captivating history that spans over a century, this designated individual Landmark holds cultural and architectural significance that is second to none.

Established in 1990, Progress Capital stands out as a leading commercial real estate advisory firm, offering a wide range of services to investors and developers. With a remarkable track record of closing over $40 billion in commercial loans and directly funding $150 million in bridge loans, Progress Capital has established itself as a trusted partner for investors and developers alike.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the real estate industry, Progress Capital is the trusted partner you need to navigate the complexities of commercial real estate investments.


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