Exceeding Expectations: Building and nurturing an effective management relationship

How many marriages could have been saved if the two people in the marriage talked whenever they felt slighted? How many lawsuits avoided if both parties fully understood the details of their agreement?

All too often, we go about our lives frustrated because someone, or something, doesn’t live up to our expectations. That’s because we probably never told them what we expected or had unrealistic expectations in the first place. Unless we learn to communicate effectively, misunderstandings will occur, and expectations will never be met.

Future Board Member?

Every manager knows someone in their community they felt was being unreasonable. However, after looking at the situation objectively, they might admit that the homeowner was simply trying to get answers. With the responsibility to educate homeowners and board members, management staff must be open and responsive to all inquiries. If an immediate answer is not available, they should always tell homeowners when they’ll get them an answer and stick to it. Remember, today’s disgruntled homeowner is tomorrow’s board member - one who may have joined with the purpose of making a change in management.

Management Report

After signing a management agreement, the real work of building a relationship starts. The community manager must keep the board abreast of all transition activities and carefully review the association’s governing documents to fully understand their goals and objectives.

Whether or not the board meets, the community manager should provide the board with a monthly management report, including the following:


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