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Exton Medical Arts Building thrives as healthcare hub: Surge in leasing interest and innovative enhancements elevate facility

Exton, PA — The Exton Medical Arts Building, located at 80 W. Welsh Pool Rd. in Exton, is experiencing an unprecedented surge in leasing activity, making it a buzzing hub for diverse medical services in the region. This surge in tenant interest is largely attributed to the recent extensive capital improvements made to the building.

Brett Furman, the driving force behind these upgrades, has noted that these enhancements have significantly boosted the building’s appeal.

We are excited to announce the newest tenants including:

- Dr. Liu Dermatology & Laser Center: Offering cutting-edge dermatological services for all ages and skin types.

- MPower: Providing holistic approaches to addiction and mental health treatment.

- QCKinetex: Innovators in regenerative medical solutions.

- Game Day Men’s Health: Experts in treating verifiable testosterone deficiency.

Key improvements to the Exton Medical Arts Building include:

- Illuminated Pylon Sign on Route 100: Enhancing visibility and access.

- Tranquil Water Garden: A serene space offering a peaceful retreat for visitors and staff.

- Modern Color Scheme: Revitalizing the building’s aesthetic with contemporary tones.

- Reflective Windows: Ensuring privacy and energy efficiency.

- Digital Marketing Program for Tenants: Amplifying tenant visibility and business growth.

These upgrades not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building but also ensure a more engaging and comfortable environment for both tenants and their clients.


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