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Interior design in a pandemic

Business is booming - Interior design is on the rise! Projects include design renovations, rethinking office spaces, and structural changes that better accommodate social distancing. This makes sense since we spend more time at home and notice every design detail, right? Not only do we notice everything in our homes, it is very clear which rooms and design updates are necessary – in residential and commercial settings. Here are a few trends. THE HOME OFFICE IS BACK - A dedicated office is once again preferred. It will look very different aesthetically, but the stand alone work environment is key to help reduce distractions and optimize productivity. The design is simple, offers concealed storage with no clutter, and includes personal items that inspire and have some importance. Furniture is more comfortable, especially the desk chair, and includes a lounge/ottoman for reading and reflecting. Since working from home is the new norm, a flexible floor plan is common to design quiet zones and study corners. We see this trend in small spaces and apartment units. Hidden in a closet or adding a desk-like feature to bookshelves, these dedicated spaces accommodate anyone who needs a work area. Now, if a third bedroom is used as a multifunctional room, we recommend designing the space as a home office that accommodates the occasional guest. A love seat or chair in a half that pulls out to a bed can be used when needed.


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