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Managing property can mean urgent, unforeseen, or unwanted tasks

Property management is demanding and is only getting harder with the current state of affairs in the world today. You start your day out organized and with a list, but something urgent always pops up. At JAN-PRO® we understand the demands you face on a daily basis and we’re here to help. Our property management cleaning services helps eliminate one the most challenging items on the list — keeping your property safe and clean.

JAN-PRO of the Delaware Valley is part of an international commercial cleaning franchise. Opening in 1997, we have been providing cleaning services in the Delaware Valley area, including South Jersey and Northern Delaware, for close to 25 years. Our cleaning model provides our Property Management customers with a dedicated, professional business owner that has invested in a JAN-PRO Franchise and completed a rigorous 5-week certification and brand standards training program.

The franchise model helps to ensure the highest level of clean and an industry leading consistency in the service because the same team will be responsible for your property every single time. In addition to that, we “inspect what we expect”, meaning our Field Service Team will perform a 50-point inspection on a periodic basis to assure you that the quality of service is meeting the approved scope and property expectations.


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