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March Construction sets the pace for landmark restoration in Union Township, NJ

Bohler Engineering and Procida Funding drive Titan Union's transformation

Union Township, NJ is witnessing the rebirth of a historic bank, an emblem of its storied past through The Titan Union project, located at 2003 Morris Ave.

Totaling 71,393 s/f, this project promises mixed-use residential and office space.

The exterior façade will maintain its original look. The interior bank vault offers an exciting twist! It will be repurposed into a chic bar, ensuring patrons get a taste of vintage charm with their cocktails.

Amenities, Galore!

The Titan Union project is about preserving the old and incorporating it into modern luxuries. Residents and professionals can look forward to:

• A state-of-the-art gym.

• Co-working spaces

• A resident lounge to unwind.

• Event spaces and a conference room for gatherings and meetings.

• Ground-floor retail

• A commercial kitchen

• Separate terraces for office goers and residents to enjoy.

• Private offices on the 2nd floor, with 43 residential units spanning floors 2-5

The Pillars Behind the Project

Leading the development is Titan Engineers PC / 2003 Morris LLC, the visionary owners behind this ambitious venture. Michels & Waldron Associates, LLC have provided their architectural expertise to ensure the project’s unparalleled design. Bohler Engineering completes the team, ensuring that the building complies with requirements and stands the test of time.

Ensuring the project’s financial success is Procida Funding. Their involvement doesn’t stop at merely providing the necessary finances. Known for their active participation in events and problem resolution, they bring their expertise from 30 different projects spanning 100 miles.

March Construction is leading as the project’s construction manager. We are currently in the vanguard of rebuilding landmark spaces such as this. March is also working on another project undergoing a historic preservation effort, The Union Hotel redevelopment in Flemington, NJ.


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