Meet The Next Generation of Leaders in MAREJ's 30 Under 30

Thomas W. Gorman Jr. | Director | Redwood Realty Advisors
Years with company/firm: 7
Years in field: 7
Years in real estate industry: 7

What is your greatest professional accomplishment?

Lasting long enough to realize the delayed gratification as a commercial broker.

What is your most notable project, deal or transaction?

The sale of two new construction buildings in Nyack, NY. I grew up in Rockland so it was exciting to see the changes in the area over the years while playing a larger role in the community.

How do you contribute to your company and/or the industry?

Specifically, with Redwood I co-manage our New York office with Mike Scrima. We also have essentially created the current market metrics in the Westchester and Rockland County multi-family markets.

Who or what has been the strongest influence in your career?

Tom McConnell and Kevin McCrann. They have helped refine my skills in managing clients appropriately and effective communication.

What impact has social media/networking had on your career?

Social media is useful to a degree. LinkedIn and TradedNY certainly help with outreach to new buyers. I think it’s important to distinguish between actively using social media for business purposes vs fabricated success among peers. At Redwood, we are proactive with our networking outside of social media.

Tell us how and when you began your career in the profession you are in, about your current position and why you choose the field/profession you are in today?

I earned a Finance Degree from Manhattan College and also completed my MBA. Truthfully, I had no idea what I wanted to do after college. The year before I graduated undergrad, I decided to take the NYS RE course since I had some extra free time. Before my last semester I interviewed with Redwood and liked the opportunity to earn on an individual level.

What were some of your early goals and did anything happen to change them?

My earliest goal was to complete at least one transaction within the first 12 months. After that was accomplished things have evolved over the years. Now I have a more balanced goal approach with gross sales benchmarks as well as personal goals outside of work.

What unique qualities and or personality trait do you feel makes you most successful in your profession?

Listening to the concerns and whole story of every building owner. I help educate clients on market value of their properties and rarely go for a “hard sell.” People need to feel comfortable and that’s something I excel with my articulation and straightforwardness.

What challenges and or obstacles do you feel you needed to overcome to become as successful as you are today?

Getting through the first few years and understanding that just because I have a college degree doesn’t ensure success. I consider myself blessed to be surrounded by a strong support system through friends, at work, and home.

What was the most defining moment for you?

Right now, reflecting – I rarely reflect on the journey, but its motivating to see how far Redwood has come and being able to mentor younger brokers for success.

Who do you feel was most influential in your life when choosing this profession?

Both of my parents. They encouraged me to take a risk and were extremely supportive in my decision to pursue this career. Without them I wouldn’t have anywhere close to the same success.

What outside activities do you enjoy during you free time?

I try to Travel as much as possible. It is a good way to remove and reset. I much prefer experiences to “things.”

What inspiring word of advice would you give to a young executive graduating from college?

Take the risk. Make a decision and don’t second guess it. Everything is a learning experience.