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Middletown Township, New Jersey Public Library kicks off reference area renovation

MIDDLETOWN, NJ — The Middletown Township Public Library (MTPL) kicked off the start of construction on the renovation and redesign of its Reference Area on Thursday, March 21 at the library. The kick-off ceremony was attended by Mayor Tony Perry, Committeewoman Kimberly Kratz, Library Director Kate Hammond, Library Board president Robert Phelan, Library business manager Wendy LaTona, along with architect Jeff Curry and general contractor Uke Dauti.

“We’re very excited to get the renovations underway and see the new rooms come to life,” said Hammond. “The spaces that we are creating will be an incredible resource for the community, as we’ve seen the needs of the public evolve over the past few years.”

“While libraries have always served as hubs of curiosity and enlightenment, changes in technology, resources and styles have called for many renovations since they were built in the Mid-20th Century,” said Jeffrey Curry, RA, LEED, senior project manager at DMR Architects. “The Middletown Library renovations will soon reshape the library into a destination that will better serve both the social and intellectual needs of the town.”

The planned renovation incorporates suggestions from the public to include more comfortable seating space, additional private meeting and study space for the community, and enhanced history and reading rooms. An updated Teen Room and a brand-new Makerspace are also included in the plans, which will be completed in two phases. Renovation work is expected to be complete by September 2024.

MTPL plans to remain open for the duration of the construction, with possible periodic closures.


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Looking forward to seeing the library's transformation and the enhanced resources it will offer

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