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“My love for the industry grew very quickly after starting at NAI Summit”

Staci Saeger, NAI Summit

Tell us how and when you began your career in the profession you are in:

In 2012, I entered the Commercial and Industrial Real Estate industry as a Marketing Assistant at NAI Summit. My supervisor at the time, our Marketing Coordinator, decided to embark on a different career path in nursing and ended her time at NAI Summit just three months after my start date. At that time, I transitioned smoothly, taking over her responsibilities and was quickly promoted to Marketing Coordinator. After a few years, proving my capabilities and the value I brought to NAI Summit, I was promoted to Director of Marketing. My love for the industry grew very quickly after starting at NAI Summit. As I learned more about the industry and our overall impact, I became very passionate about commercial real estate. I wanted to increase my knowledge and expertise in the field to be a better asset to my organization and our brokerage team so I obtained my Real Estate license as well.

What is your current position?

My current position is the Director of Marketing at NAI Summit. My responsibilities are to design and manage the marketing efforts for both the brokerage of available properties in the portfolio as well as the promotion of NAI Summit’s brand and various service lines including Property & Asset Management, Brokerage, Accounting Services, and Building Services.

Why did you choose the field/profession you are in today?

I love the impact our work has on our economy and community as a whole. Bringing in new companies from outside the area, relocating headquarter locations, or helping a small business owner open a new location, all have positive effects. The benefits of our business are not just filling vacant space, selling properties, or locating land for development, but also adding jobs to the area and promoting economic growth by doing so. Helping our community is a big passion of mine and being in an industry that also benefits the community we live in with the work we do is just another reason why I love this profession!


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