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NJ State incentives for energy efficiency in new construction

We’ve all heard the saying “work smarter, not harder.” That business motto doesn’t just apply to the people on your payroll, but to your company’s buildings and facilities as well. Adding energy efficient equipment to new construction and gut rehabilitation projects accomplishes environmental and business savings.

For many business owners, while the benefits are obvious, up-front capital for energy-efficiency installations can be hard to find. The rebate and incentive programs available through New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program help business owners across the state find, fund, and facilitate new efficiency projects that boost energy performance and slash operating costs.

Get Paid to Upgrade

Through the different programs, commercial, industrial, and residential multifamily energy users may be eligible to receive financial incentives simply by incorporating qualifying energy efficiency measures in their buildings or facilities. Our incentives help to offset the cost of purchasing new equipment, which in turn provides long-term energy savings for your company. There are many opportunities to save money on single measures or bundled whole building savings.

Get Started Today

To learn more about New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program’s full suite of offerings and to ensure you pay the least amount possible for your next energy efficiency project, visit and register for our monthly Optimize your Business with Energy Efficiency Incentives Commercial & Industrial webinar.


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