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Northeast Pennsylvania: THE PLACE TO BE

Luzerne County from North to South, East to West, is a hot bed of growth. Companies from all over the country are moving or expanding into Luzerne County. Highway systems of Interstates 80 and 81, workforce and reasonable costs of operations, are some of the reasons. Incentive programs by the state are an added factor in locating in our area. Many people have no idea that the Greater Hazleton area is the only place in the county that Interstates 80 and 81 intersect., making it the place to be for distribution and manufacturing, The present companies like Amazon, American Eagle Outfitters, Cargill Meat, Auto Zone and Hershey are proof of this being the place to be, This growth has caused there to be a big demand for residential expansion. Hanna Frederick Commercial has come to Northeast PA as part of their 10 state area of service, with thousands of agents and commercial appraisers . Hanna Frederick is ready to provide many services including, sale and leasing of commercial properties, office and investment properties and residential sales.


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