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Property management: Convergence opportunities between categories

With more than three decades of expertise in the property management field, we at Sheldon Gross Realty handle properties in a wide range of categories, including office, industrial, warehouse, retail, medical condominiums, and apartment complexes. We’ve found that you can regularly take lessons learned from managing one type of property, such as a warehouse, and then apply them to entirely separate property categories, like office, retail, and condos. This ability to perceive convergence opportunities between property management categories has contributed mightily to our ongoing success. Here’s a trio of examples:

▪ LED lighting is easy on the eyes, energy-efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. More than a decade ago, we were an early adopter of this technology for the office spaces we manage, and we quickly decided LEDs could have broader applications. So, when our warehouses and other commercial properties needed lighting replaced, we began switching to LED bulbs. Our clients gave rave reviews, and the conversion has saved lots of money on repairs. LEDs have become our go-to lights for all manner of indoor and outdoor environments.


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