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Rebecca Machinga, CPA, CGMA, Partner, Practice Leader, Real Estate Services Group, Withum

What is your current position?

As our firm grew over the years to the 1,300 dedicated professionals we have today, we became more industry focused instead of geographically focused from a client service perspective. I was asked to lead the real estate industry group about 10 years ago. I was honored and flattered and wasn’t sure I was ready, but quickly changed my mindset to realize that if others thought I was the person that could grow this business line, then I would make sure I lived up to their expectations. Fast forward to today, the real estate industry group is the 3rd largest in our firm, encompassing 10% of our $250M in annual revenues. My responsibilities range from client service to strategy to business development to hiring, staffing, scheduling and coaching.

Why did you choose the field/profession you are in today?

In 7th grade, a family friend asked me what I wanted to do when I graduated from college. She was a banker and said that she thought I would make a good accountant and that public accounting was a great profession. She saw something in me that made it a fit in her mind. I signed up to take an introductory accounting class in my junior year of high school and in my senior year, while completing college applications, checked the box to be an accounting major and never looked back. Public accounting always appealed to me because of the diversity of work and never having the same day twice.


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