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Richardson, Sr. & Gries of Vantage Commercial leases stand-alone property in Lindenwold, NJ

Lindenwold, NJ —Vantage Commercial announced that the Camden County Council on Economic Oppurtunity, Inc. has signed a long-term lease at 555 Blackwood-Clemonton Rd., Lindenwold. The facility is conveniently located on Blackwood-Clemonton Rd. and is in close proximity to numerous retail centers and restaurants among other useful ammentites. Ken Richardson, Sr. advisor, and Mike Gries, sales associate at Vantage Commercial, facilitated this deal between landlord and tenant. “Working with Vantage Commercial is as good as it gets! From the very beginning I knew that I had connected with a top notch real estate firm. Vantage's knowledge and professionalism made a frequently long, drawn-out process, very quick and easy. Ken was responsive to our particular needs at all times and pleasantly facilitated our acquisition of new office space.” Darren Price, IDA program manager commented. Camden County Council On Economic Opportunity, Inc. (Camden County OEO) utilizes federal, state and local resources to uplift the underprivileged, poor, handicapped, uneducated, unskilled, or otherwise disadvantaged persons, and helps them achieve self-sufficiency. By providing programs and services, Camden County OEO strives to eliminate poverty as a destructive force in our society.


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