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Spotlight on Hudson Atlantic's Trailblazing Young Professionals

Dante Fusaro, Sales Associate

Years with company/firm: 2

Years in field: 2

Years in real estate industry: 2

What is the funniest, most unique situation you have faced/conquered during your career? Or in your life?

One of the funniest and most unique situations I faced in my young career involved trying to get in front of a client who was a doctor with an incredibly hectic schedule. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t secure a meeting with him. Determined to make a connection, I came up with a creative solution: I made an eye appointment at his clinic, so he had to see me.

During the appointment, I introduced myself and my company while he was examining my eyes. He got a kick out of my ingenuity and determination. We ended up having a productive conversation, and it turned into a successful business relationship. This experience taught me the value of thinking outside the box and being persistent in finding ways to connect with clients.

What outside activities do you enjoy during your free time?

During my free time, I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. I love working out, as it helps me stay fit and energized. Golf is another favorite hobby of mine; it’s both relaxing and challenging. Hiking up in the Adirondacks is something I relish as well, climbing mountains and enjoying nature’s beauty. Additionally, I practice yoga, as it helps me with mindfulness and flexibility. These activities collectively contribute to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

What inspiring advice would you give to a young executive graduating from college?

True achievements require consistent effort and perseverance. Embrace the hustle—work hard, stay dedicated, and push through challenges. Continuously seek knowledge and learning opportunities; staying curious and informed will set you apart. Build strong relationships, as networking and mentorship are invaluable. Balance your ambition with patience and stay committed to your long-term goals. Your journey is unique—pursue it with passion and resilience.


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