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Standard Communities expands principal offices

New York, NY — Standard has expanded its principal offices and added staff.

“We have applied productive strategies, with acquisitions and ground-up development, to extend our successful track record in a challenging environment,” said Scott Alter, co-founder and principal of Standard Communities. “As a result, we have expanded our three principal offices in NY, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC, and opened new offices in Miami and Nashville,” said Alter.

In Manhattan and Washington, DC, Standard recently relocated and expanded its office spaces, more than doubling the size of previous offices in those cities. Its Los Angeles office was extensively renovated.

“Our investment in new and updated office spaces is really an investment in our people and the work they do. In-person collaboration provides significant value and is crucial in fostering effective teamwork and achieving our ambitious goals,” said Alter.

Standard’s growth includes:

• Breaking ground on two multifamily properties: Aspen Wood in San Ramon, CA and The Line in Savannah, GA.

• Establishing three distinct business lines: Acquisitions & Redevelopment, New Construction, and Essential Housing.

“Public-private partnerships are the most effective way to create, preserve, and improve affordable housing throughout the country. Standard is committed to collaborating with local and state agencies, non-profit organizations and private sector partners, as we help respond to calls for more affordable housing,” said Jeffrey Jaeger, co-founder and principal of Standard Communities.



Standard Communities' expansion of its principal offices marks a significant development in the real estate sector, highlighting its growth and adaptation in an evolving market. As these expanded facilities likely require advanced office technology solutions to handle increased operational demands, Copiers Northwest could play a crucial role. As a leading provider of office technology products and services in the Pacific Northwest, Copiers Northwest is well-positioned to supply Standard Communities with the necessary tools for efficient management and communication. This partnership could ensure that Standard Communities not only expands its physical presence but also enhances its operational capabilities through state-of-the-art office technology.

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