The Future of Amenity Design

We have experienced significant changes in multifamily amenity design in the past year, not only in the features, but also in the perception of how important amenities are to residents. Schlage and Wakefield conducted a survey of Millennials, the largest market of renters in the US, and 86% are willing to pay one fifth more for an apartment that has premium amenities and upgrades that make their lives more convenient and appeal to their lifestyle preferences. Research also tells us that the amenities offered have a direct correlation to how long someone will rent, and satisfaction levels with the building. With the size of amenity spaces nearly doubling in the last five years, the amenities that are selected have a significant impact.

As new amenities and services emerge, a personalized experience becomes relevant. Custom laundry services; private elevators; personal trainers; and private cabanas are popular. Technology enhanced services allow for monitoring of lights, heating & cooling; and cloud connected devices. Keyless unit entry, in-wall USB outlets and even Bluetooth speaker showerheads are now available. High ranking preferences include: bike storage; car-sharing; cooking classes; package delivery management; rock-climbing wall; and wellness activities for artistic and creative talents. Recording rooms for musicians, poets, and comedians. Do not forget pets...dog runs, grooming stations, and dog walkers are key. Offering this level of amenity helps to accommodate the discerning expectations of the market. The future of amenity design will plan to make smarter use out of square footage. Designers will showcase common spaces that offer social connectivity and the “Cheers” experience. Designers will create flexible spaces that adapt to changing interests and needs and source more furnishings with technology built in.


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