Utilizing Facility Management Software

The first CAFM (Computer-Aided Facility Management) systems were launched in 1985 when CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) was integrated with facilities management. Essentially, database information was assigned to a floor plan which helped keep track of people, square footage, and assets. Over the last 36 years, Facility Management Software has morphed into a powerhouse and is used as a key component in running a facility. In addition to accurate floor plans, the software can assist with computerizing the work order process, simplifying preventive maintenance schedules, and providing a wealth of important data around facility performance and expenditures.

Different industries have different needs when it comes to facilities management. CAFM software serves primarily as a database for FM-related equipment, spending, and activities. From the everyday management of desk space and conference rooms to a big-picture inquiry of whether the current office space is meeting a company’s business plan. A CAFM system provides the ideal solution to addressing problems. Before implementing an FM software solution, the following needs should be taken into consideration: What assets need tracking, how they will be managed, will future planning and constant changes need to be captured, what physical spaces, and how many business locations should be involved?

Capabilities to support the ever-changing needs of an agile workplace that allows employees to take charge of their days and work when and where it makes the most sense for their unique working style and needs is what these systems are all about. Workplaces with open, unassigned seating can make it much easier for employees to find a place to sit that is not currently occupied. Hoteling assignments have become a way of life in this COVID-19 environment. CAFM programs with daily sign-in capabilities can help the facilities team take charge of the overall space and assign space as needed. Employees who need to reserve space or find teammates will be glad they have the

resource available to them, and management will be happy to see their operations running smoothly.


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