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Zimmel Associates - An Established Authority On New Jersey Real Estate

Father and son team Bernard (1928-2014) and David Zimmel formed Zimmel Associates in 1986. Both men were already successful brokers serving the New Jersey commercial real estate industry when they were each offered a partnership interest in a new firm. Instead, they decided the time was right to form their own company. Within short order the duo were assigned exclusive listings and closing major transactions. Bernard Zimmel is recognized for originating the concept of industrial flex space for the industrial market in 1969. He shared the idea with a leading developer who implemented it and gave him the exclusive listing for the building. As other developers followed suit, the flex space concept had a major impact on the marketplace. Today, Zimmel Associates’ tradition of creative solutions and father and son teamwork are stronger than ever. David Zimmel serves as CEO and three of his sons represent the third generation of Zimmels at the firm. They and their associates are committed to delivering the best deals possible for their clients.

The Zimmel Associates Brokerage Team, experienced Real Estate Professionals with exceptional track records of success for office, industrial, retail, and investment brokerage.


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