IREM launches “The REMEs” to celebrate real estate mgmt.


The REMEs, an awards program designed to identify and honor excellence among real estate management practitioners and companies domestically and around the globe, has been launched by IREM. The program was unveiled at IREM’s just-concluded Fall Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL, with credits to ABM, a provider of facility solutions, as its founding sponsor. The first “REMEs” will be awarded next October, during IREM’s 2015 fall conference.

Said IREM 2014 president Lori Burger, CPM, commenting on the new program: “The REMEs will celebrate the positive, far-reaching impact that real estate and asset management practitioners have on residents and tenants, property owners and investors, and the public at large. Most importantly, they will spotlight the innovative and transformational activities and best practices that underscore the value of what we do and, by example, help spark further innovation within our industry.”

ABM senior VP of sales & marketing, Bob Clarke, had this to say: “IREM and ABM have shared commitments to integrity, collaboration, and innovation in our relationships and service delivery. We have long held IREM in the highest regard as an industry leader with great vision, and we’re delighted to be a partner in the exciting and new REMEs initiative.”

Recipients will be honored with REMEs in these and other categories:

• Real estate management companies for innovations and best practices in the areas of leadership, corporate responsibility, and the workplace environment.

• Individual practitioners for achievements that define excellence.

• Companies and individuals making major contributions to real estate management industry innovation and advancement.

•Distinguished college students pursuing real estate management careers.

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