Schauer joins KW Commercial, The Daniel Perich Group

KW Commercial Logo.jpg

EASTERN PA — Dan Perich and George Vlamis of KW Commercial, The Daniel Perich Group have added a new member to their team. Christopher Schauer becomes the fourth licensed real estate agent of this northeast Pennsylvania commercial real estate firm.

Schauer earned his AS in Computer Science in 1983 from Pierce College. He has gained over 25 years of experience in the business environment, holding positions from consultant to director to vice president. Being responsible for information technology of a $60MM/year company, he offers excellent problem solving skills and unique win-win resolutions for both clients and customers. With these skills and being a 20+ year resident of the area, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge to the commercial real estate field.

Managing director, Dan Perich comments, “We are very happy to have Chris on board our team. He brings with him a strong business background as well as a lot of IT experience which is essential in today’s commercial real estate business.”

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