Langan provides traffic and parking solutions at venues

PHILADELPHIA, PA —What do sports fans fear more than their favorite team losing? Traffic and parking conditions before and after the game. Langan’s specialized Transportation Event Management Group works with major clients across the country to help relieve the pain too often felt by folks trying to get to and from sporting events and concerts. In doing so, the firm has become a key player on the team that enhances the overall “game day experience” associated with franchises in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball, among other leagues.

Langan kicked off this specialized practice over a decade ago at the New Meadowlands Sports Complex in New Jersey (now MetLife Stadium). Success there led to long-term relationships and special assignments with multiple venues at the professional and collegiate levels along the East Coast and in the Midwest. Our fully integrated transportation group offers expertise in traffic engineering and analysis, parking design and operations, micro-simulation modeling, and game day observations and coordination. “Much like in sports, every minute counts, and seemingly insignificant details can make a huge difference to ticket holders and concert goers,” said Dan Disario, principal and leader of Langan’s Transportation Practice. “We take a holistic approach that encompasses everything that affects the game day experience. Our national team is tuned in to community issues, has experience navigating within the local regulatory framework, and is knowledgeable of nearby private development, all of which are critical elements to optimizing stadium traffic and parking.” Langan is one of few firms that offer transportation event management services, and is among the leaders in applying the latest in information technology solutions. Disario’s team develops mobile applications, designs route-specific maps for venue websites, and utilizes social media platforms as well as push notification systems to distribute live traffic and parking information on event days. Importantly, Langan’s transportation solutions are not just applicable to large stadiums and arenas, but also smaller-scale, concert-specific venues.

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