Set goals, have a vision and stay focused

What was your most notable project, deal or transaction in 2015?

Obtaining a long term tenancy with New Jersey Schools Insurance Group for approximately 20,100 s/f was notable for 2015. It was gratifying to negotiate a win/win opportunity for both landlord and tenant in Whitesell’s office portfolio.

How do you contribute to your company and/or the industry?

Through networking in various organizations, I’ve built relationships that have brought great value to the home base at Whitesell. Involvement with the YMCA of Burlington and Camden Counties has connected me with helping the community in which I both work and live. The overlapping of executive circles has been extremely beneficial to me both personally and professionally.

Tell us how and when you began your career in the profession you are in, about your current position and why you chose the field/profession you are in today.

My start in real estate was in the residential market on the shores of Ventnor. That experience positioned me to connect with many business owners. My growing interest to understand a variety of businesses and their success stories led me to the commercial market.

What was the most defining moment for you in your profession?

Getting a Broker’s License confirmed my interest was strong and growing in the real estate business.

Tell us about your family.

I’m the fourth of eight children raised in Northeast Philadelphia. I currently reside in Southern New Jersey and am a proud mother of two children, Michael and Victoria.

What challenges/obstacles do you feel you needed to overcome to become as successful as you are today?

Early on, being a single parent made the work/life balance difficult. I wanted be successful at work and be a good role model and support system to my children. Simultaneously, I worked hard to continue to grow professionally and remained available and very involved with my children’s daily events.

What is the funniest, most unique situation you have faced/conquered during your business career?

At a South New Jersey Chamber event, I was mistaken for Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno. I was amazed how everyone was being so extremely hospitable!

What activities do you enjoy during you free time?

I’m a passionate foodie. As often as possible, I try a new restaurant to take in fresh dining experiences. I spend time with friends over a great glass of red wine, play chess with my son, and love walking/biking the Kelly Drive.

What word of advice would you give to a woman about to go into your allied field?

Set goals, have a vision and stay focused. Commercial Real Estate is an interesting, challenging and constantly changing field. Relationships are key and the knowledge about your competition’s holdings is as important as your own portfolio. There are many tools in the industry, utilize them.

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