Aquicore announces appointment of advisors

WASHINGTON, DC — Aquicore announced the addition of three new members to its advisory board: Efficient Capacity managing partner Mark Goldstein; GreenBiz Group Inc. chairman Joel Makower; and Regus Group managing director Rick Bertasi. These additions come after Aquicore raised a $3.1 million seed round led by global startup incubator 1776 in August. “Decades of experience in business and real estate from these three leaders brings invaluable resources to Aquicore,” said Aquicore CEO and founder Logan Soya. “Each brings a distinct insight and experience to support our long-term business and financial goals. We look forward to their contribution to guide us toward successful expansion in new markets.” Aquicore offers energy analytics and automation solutions for commercial real estate. Its full-service solution provides hardware and software that compiles data from utility meters and submeters in real-time. Since its founding, Aquicore’s technology has been deployed in more than 500 buildings across the U.S. The company, which started with five team members in 2013, has today grown to 28 employees. ABOUT AQUICORE Aquicore offers comprehensive energy analytics and process automation solutions for commercial real estate. An emerging leader in energy management systems, Aquicore provides software that automatically reads and compiles data from utility meters and submeters in real-time. Building owners, managers, and engineers as well as sustainability teams use solutions by Aquicore to automate processes, improve energy efficiency, and eliminate energy waste. The company’s solutions include an energy analytics platform, an automated utility invoicing system, and a meter management tool. Founded in 2013 by Logan Soya, Aquicore technology is now deployed in over 500 buildings across the United States. For more visitwww.aquicore.com.