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DxDempsey helps Businesses Thrive

With a focus on results-oriented design, DxDempsey believes that the design of the built environment has the power to spark the growth and improvement of a business. With many companies concentrating on the bottom line now more than ever, we’ve placed an emphasis on helping businesses thrive. With the opening of the Blue Cross Store in Dickson City, actual enrollment numbers were two to three times that which was originally projected. This increase in revenue can be attributed not only to the open enrollment period, but also to the project location, new branding, ease of operation and creating a functional, pleasurable, results-oriented customer experience. Architectural, digital and graphic touch-points offer opportunities for customer service representatives to engage the public on a personal level. Similarly, Fidelity Bank saw an accelerated pace of growth at their West Pittston Branch. The number of new accounts opened since the branch relocated to the newly constructed building exceeded expectations. Employees have expressed their delight in working in a light-filled space. Customers have responded positively to the new branch Whether it’s a bank, store, office space or restaurant, the design of the space influences both the customer’s and employee’s impressions, attitudes, and overall experiences, which in turn can have a positive effect on the bottom line.

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