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Becker Morgan Group wins Brick in Architecture Design Award

Reston, VA — Becker Morgan Group was honored with a 2016 Brick in Architecture Bronze Award for the William F. Cooke, Jr. Elementary School in the Educational K-12 category from the Brick Industry Association (BIA). The Brick in Architecture Design Awards recognize “the country’s most visionary projects” that incorporate fired-clay brick. “These winners demonstrate the best of brick’s aesthetic flexibility, and as a material made from abundant natural resources, it’s a perfect strategy in sustainable design,” said Ray Leonhard, BIA’s president and CEO. “We’re honored to have a project recognized in one of the country’s most prestigious architectural award programs” said Brad Hastings, AIA, LEED AP of Becker Morgan Group. The use of brick in conjunction with metal panels provides an exterior aesthetic which is colorful, timeless, and sustainable. Brick also allowed the designers to carry exterior materials into the building’s interior spaces to draw the aesthetic together while providing a high performing material requiring minimal finishing and maintenance. The brick utilized provides a sophisticated, timeless feel while meeting all the aesthetic, maintenance, and sustainability requirements put forth by the owner.

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