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B. Harvey Construction Joins South Beach at Long Branch Development Team

LONG BRANCH, NJ — FEM South Beach Urban Renewal, LLC (FEM) retained B. Harvey Construction (BHC) for pre-construction services at South Beach at Long Branch. The firm is collaborating with the property’s development team for on-site work beginning on the 47-unit luxury, oceanfront residential community. Located at 350 Ocean Ave. in Long Branch, the upscale condominium complex’s design will redefine residential living in this burgeoning community.

Both FEM and BHC are family-owned companies sharing a core business value for a hands-on approach to project management and development. BHC has serviced shore-area communities since 1943, and the construction company possesses the same vision as FEM for the continued revitalization and transformation of New Jersey shore-area communities.

“We are proud to collaborate with a group of respected industry professionals,” said BHC president Ben Harvey III. “Using value-engineering principles, we are analyzing the project’s construction launch and will deliver recommendations, ensuring completion in a timely, cost-effective manner.

”BHC is overseeing pre-construction services including: concrete work; sheets/piling; and utility marking services executed by New Jersey American Water; Jersey Central Power & Light; and New Jersey Natural Gas. Owner representative David Ulassin of Cornerstone Construction Services is collaborating with BHC on the bidding process.“This is the beginning of a new era for residential living in Long Branch,” stated co-founder and CEO, Mimi Feliciano of FEM.

“The alliance with BHC guarantees continued success for building the dream of South Beach at Long Branch.”South Beach at Long Branch is rising on 1.69 oceanfront acres between Ocean Ave. and Ocean Blvd., at the intersection of North Bath Ave.

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