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“Work hard because nothing is handed to you”

Joseph Puggi began his career with TCS Management just one year ago. In that short amount of time he has grown to be one of the companies biggest assets. Joe’s dad was in sales so he always knew he wanted to work in a sales profession, he just was not sure what would be best for him. He chose to come onboard with TCS because he was excited for the challenge and knew this career path was something he could set his mind to and succeed in. He has succeeded many times over since joining the TCS family. His early goal at TCS was to impact as many investors as possible. He has since changed his mentality to not just think of obtaining the sale, but to see the big picture and create processes within his department that will help himself and the company grow responsibly. Daily, Joe helps work with his co-workers to implement new company strategies that offer a better product for our clients. Since joining the team, Joe has spearheaded a blanket property insurance program that is being offered to clients. Joe credits social media for having a major impact on his career, it helps him to meet new people in the field everyday and to help make the brand more visible. He is constantly thinking of new ways to advertise and get not only his name, but the TCS name in front of more people. Networking also plays a big role in Joe’s career. He connects with industry contacts monthly at DIG, and often attends open houses and industry events to promote TCS Management and the many services the company has to offer to buyers, developers and owners. Joe is very personable and driven, this helps him daily in his daily work. He connects with owners and investors on a personal basis and that helps them to feel comfortable in working with him. Due to his young age, he is often had people doubt that he would be reliable and able to get the job done. Joe has proven himself time and time again. Joe is steadily building his portfolio and adds more connections to his database each day. Joe feels his strongest influences in his career are his family and the team he works with on a daily basis. Joe’s words of advice to young executives graduating from college would be to work hard because nothing is handed to you, someone is always willing to work harder and take your place. Another piece of advise Joe gives would be to find a mentor, especially a mentor who specializes in the field you are entering. Joe feels that the owners of TCS are great mentors to him and the people who surround him. This is just one of the many reasons he enjoys working for one of the fastest growing real estate and property management companies in Philadelphia. In his spare time Joe enjoys golfing, fishing, traveling and spending time with co-workers and his family.

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