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  • By Tom Onder, Esq. and Dee Kelley, Esq.

2018 Retail Forecast: Medical & Wellness Tenancies

Changing buying habits and demographics are fueling the demand for healthcare tenancies. Ten years ago, a medical and/or wellness tenant would have been a tough sell for a center. But now, these types of tenancies are becoming more and more part of the tenant mix… and in some cases an anchor tenant.

Medical and wellness tenancies can include anything from traditional doctor’s offices, to yoga studios, to boxing gyms, to urgent care facilities to physical therapy locations. The breadth of tenancies that offer such a wide variety of services and specialties makes them ideal retail tenants. Medical and wellness tenancies are great opportunities for landlords, as they offer in-person services that cannot easily be replaced by internet shopping. Additionally, many gyms and healthcare services can require a larger square footage, filling up a vacancy that otherwise might be difficult to place for a landlord.

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