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  • President of GH Family Business Consulting Group

An interview with 3rd generation owner of Lancaster based High Properties, Greg High

We interviewed Greg High, a 3rd generation owner of Lancaster, PA based High Properties and founder and president of GH Family Business Consulting Group, LLC.What have been your various roles with the High companies over the past 25 years? My experience started in high school with grounds maintenance at our Greenfield Corporate Center, then progressed to accounting, hotel management, apartment leasing, marketing (for our steel and hotel divisions), development and acquisition of new hotels for our hotel business; as well as, executive management and board involvement. What have you learned growing up in a family business?A lot more than I can tell you in one interview! I learned a lot about family business governance. I realized that we needed to change the governance structure of our company to better meet the needs of the business and the family and to aid in succession, so I worked on making that happen. I led our family and board through that process in 2009 and completed the last phase of our governance structure changes in 2016. Where did you go to school?

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