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Eye on Growth at Newmark Associates, CRE: People and Style Take Center Stage

In a five-year period of unprecedented sales growth, and doubling the size of its professional team, Newmark Associates spotlights three key elements in its forward movement: culture, partnership, and people.In 2012, Susanne Newmark, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, and Nancy Glick, Managing Director, Broker Associate, began collaborating to implement new initiatives in the company’s infrastructure to deliberately sustain the real outcomes achieved so far and to accommodate future growth. At that time, Ms. Glick was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, having been one of Newmark’s longtime agents who specialized in property acquisitions and dispositions. Combined, their real instinct for pursuing excellence from the top floor to the bottom line has resulted in a synergetic management style bolstering and transforming the underlying framework of the company’s systems.READ MORE.

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