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  • Indoor Asthma Allergen Hazards in Residential

IAQ/MOLD Local Law No. 55 of 2018 of New York City is going live 1/18/19 ARE YOU READY?

To all property owners, managers, facilities & maintenance personal, architects, engineers, and all others involved in the management and maintenance of a NYC property, guess what? In the beginning of January 2019, NYC has passed and will enforce Local Law #55 of 2018: NYC’s Indoor Asthma and Allergen Hazards & Pest Management in Residential Dwellings. You need to pay attention to this law and its compliance requirements. If you don’t, there is a very strong chance of becoming the target of numerous tenant complaints, HPD/DOH violations, and several other headaches, followed by potential personal by injury litigation. So not to reinvent the wheel, while simultaneously addressing in-door allergens (Mold) and pest infiltration, the city council has mimicked Local Law #55 of 2018 after a predecessor regulation, NYC Local Law 1 of 2004, “Lead Paint.” The requirements include responsibilities, such as, owner’s responsibility to remediate, owner’s responsibility to notify occupants and to investigate, explanation of violation for visible mold and pests, removal of asthma triggers in a dwelling unit upon turnover, department inspections, integrated pest management practices, work practices; HPD & DOH will establish the work practice rules, reporting, and waiver of benefit void.

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