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  • By Pamela Shupp, AICP, CEcD, EVP

Why is it important to make Global Connections?

I recently traveled to China representing Greater Reading, Berks County. What? Why now? What on earth did I hope to accomplish? In June, Berks County Commissioner Kevin Barnhardt and I traveled to Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China. We were invited to make a presentation to the 2018 Chengdu Cross-Strait New Economic Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Conference. The purpose of the presentation was twofold: 1. Introduce Berks County companies and products to the Chengdu region government officials and companies, 2. Promote our community as a cost-effective location for U.S. investment.

With a population of 16 million people and growth projections up to 25 million people in the next few years, Chengdu City has an aggressive strategic growth plan through 2035 and will soon be home to two international airports. Chengdu’s One Belt-One Road strategy and commitment will result in it being the transportation, logistic and cultural gateway to Asia, Africa and Europe.



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