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  • Led by Gorjian

Uber Capital Group provides $24M refinancing of the acquisition loan for the Logan Valley Mall

ALTOONA, PA — Led by president and founder Joel J. Gorjian, commercial real estate financial advisory and mortgage origination firm Uber Capital Group, LLC has sourced a $24.05 million debt refinancing of the acquisition loan for the purchase of the Logan Valley Mall. The client was a private national commercial real estate investment group. Uber sourced the financing from a regional bank based in Pennsylvania. National real estate investor Gorjian established Uber in late 2016. The company is based in Great Neck, NY and operates nationally, with its main focus on the Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast markets. To date, Uber has provided in excess of $100 million worth of commercial real estate loans. "We have obtained the loan for the Logan Valley Mall acquisition debt refinancing from a regional Pennsylvania bank at a fixed 4.75% rate and 25 year amortization,” said Gorjian.

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