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  • Jason B. Bock, Executive VP, MSC RETAIL

40 Under 40: “Keep a level head, out-work all of your competition & most importantly, have fun w

What is your greatest professional accomplishment? I think every deal I make is great, but I’ll tell you the “greatest” when I retire in 50 years. What is your most notable project, deal or transaction? Approaching a global super market chain and brokering the purchase of a competitor’s portfolio; the deal was valued over $200,000,000 with a total square footage of +/- 1,500,000 s/f. What impact has social media / networking had on your career? I’m not a huge social media guy but networking is the key to any and all of my success. as they say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Getting out there and networking, particularly in circles outside of your typical connections and contacts has tremendous benefit. Tell us how and when you began your career in the profession you are in, about your current position and why you choose the field/profession you are in today?

It was the summer after my sophomore year of college while I was home for break and recognized Michael Salove (founder and CEO of MSC Retail) in our local gym. I went up to him and struck a conversation. I knew then and there what I wanted to do when I graduated and persistently stayed on him for the next few years of college. I then went into his office with my diploma and asked him when do you want me to start. I had one interview, if you even call it that, and it’s been my only job in my career. He has since been a mentor, role model and friend to me.


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