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  • Located at 2800 Buchanan Trail East

Matt Hurley of Hurley Auctions hosts live Nativity scene in Greencastle

GREENCASTLE, PA — Matt Hurley of Hurley Auctions in Greencastle has been hosting a live Nativity scene for the community for the last three years. He originally started it for his kids to understand the real meaning of Christmas. “We teach it in our home, so I know they know the real meaning,” Hurley said. “I just get tired of all the commercialization of Christmas.” The Hurley tradition of a Live Nativity originated as a Christmas Day walk with Matt and his children along PA-Rte. 16 dressed up like Mary, Joseph and the shepherds. Along with the family donkey and a toy baby Jesus, the Hurley family walked up and down the roadway and received quite a response from passing motorists.

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