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Best of 2018: The Best Place to Work

Sax strives to be a desired place to work with an emphasis on flexibility, quality-of-life, professional development and a proper work/life balance for its over 170 employees. This progressive outlook has proven to attract and retain exceptional talent in an environment and atmosphere designed to help team members thrive both personally and professionally through flexibility and a results-oriented position rather than unbending rules and requirements. In addition, the firm works to promote from within, and provides team members with training and educational resources to excel in their field and work up the firm’s management ladder. The firm recognizes the change in the times, and that strict hours and mandatory in-office working requirements are not the way of the future. In fact, the firm has seen that the more flexibility extended to employees has led to more productivity and results delivered. Sax has invested in the firm’s technological infrastructure to allow employees to work from home when needed by equipping them with the tools to make it a non-event.



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