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  • By Doug Haines, , MPSE, Haines Security Solutions

It’s Time – The need for a Security Colonoscopy

Every year or so, I get a medical check-up and every year or so the doc says, “Why don’t we schedule that colonoscopy for you now”. The idea of doing a “deep dive” sends shivers up my spine. But you know what, he’s right every year or so you need to check your health on a deeper level. (Pardon the pun). Well, the same goes for physical health of your facility; i.e., apartment building, corporate office, high-rise, hospital, retail space, etc. I mean, after all, that’s what vulnerability assessments are all about. They are designed to judge what kind of shape you’re in on a physical security level and then a prescriptions or mitigation strategies are prescribe to fix what ails you, err...the building.

Without a quantitative method for risk assessment and analysis, the question of “Am I or are we in good health – from a security stand-point”, cannot be truthfully answered. In order to accomplish its purpose or function, every organization or owner must protect personnel and critical assets from all threats, both natural and man-made.

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