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  • By Mike Sauers, Sauers Snow & Ice Management

Is snow shutting your shipments down?

Whenever I meet with Distribution Facility Managers the one pain point that I hear about most is the damaging affect that snow has on their operations schedule. Winter weather can shut you down in so many ways; sometimes your held up waiting for your snow contractor to arrive, other times it’s because your contractor’s equipment can’t keep up with the accumulating snow on those long, wide drive lanes. Snow piled in front of trailers, empty stalls or in corners where trucks need to maneuver can bring any operation to a grinding halt. It’s no wonder so many facility managers worry about the winter! The Earlier the Better Try to award your snow contract by the middle of August. This will give your contractor ample time to prepare –which will help insure a successful snow season. Contractors will often give you better price rates earlier in the summer. Also, if you can commit to a multi-year agreement your contractor can confidently invest in the right equipment for your job. Keep in mind, a multi-year deal is often one of your best negotiating tools in the sales process!

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