• Doug Haines

The Secret to Being Safe and Secure – Is a Puppy

Guess what, the secret is in the process or formula to getting security right. If you don’t follow it you won’t be safe or secure. THREE BASIC REALITIES Security must be in place before the event occurs. You can’t protect against all threats. And protection from one threat will offer protection from a variety of others. First, before the event occurs. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard someone say, “Well I’ll get a camera system if I get broken in to”. How dumb. There won’t be anything else that they come back for because they’ve already took your valuables, stupid. Second, it is just too costly to provide protection from everything. If you were to try, you would have to create a solid lead box without a door that can’t be moved. If it can be moved, given enough time, someone will break into it. Besides, it wouldn’t be very effective to have a box that YOU the owner can’t get into in the first place. And thirdly, protection from one risk will provide protection from other risks. For example, a laminated glass window will keep shards from a bomb blast from injuring people and it will also keep a burglar from breaking in.



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