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  • Brad Domenico, Progress Capital


Brad Domenico is no stranger to NJ. Born and raised in Monmouth County, Brad had his eye on real estate at an early age. Kathy Anderson, Founder of Progress Capital (and Brad’s mother) gave him an early introduction to commercial real estate finance at the dinner table. Brad always set lofty goals as a child and dreamed of doing Billion Dollar deals in Manhattan. After graduating college from Rider University as a collegiate athlete, Brad spent several years at Neuberger Berman and quickly realized real estate debt was his passion. Closing $75 Million in new loans in his first year with Progress Capital, Brad has more than doubled his business year over year to close just shy of $1 Billion in CRE loan business in 2018. What sets him apart is how he approaches each deal. He expertly structures loan transactions and proactively tackles issues before they become problems. His clients love his energy and the banks appreciate his process. Brad has continually carved out a larger and larger portion of NJ and NY real estate clients. Brad has always felt that giving honest advice to his clients, even if it’s not what they want to hear, is of paramount importance.

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