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  • By Sue Boyle

Become Empowered—Take a Seat at the BCONE Regional Table!

The brownfield reuse/redevelopment industry is eclectic, diversified…and rife with challenges. Most stakeholders, from environmental to legal, function within their own unique vertical structure. Becoming too insular can stall action and with it, results. External networking with stakeholders across many other professional platforms and from many states—to idea-share and connect with a new vision of execution—can help flip the script. Enter the Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast (BCONE). Brownfield practitioners who currently reside on the outside looking in are encouraged to come inside and take a seat at the regional table. Here’s why the BCONE is a not a luxury, but a necessity: In a densely-populated Northeast region where a preponderance of former brownfield sites are blighted, abandoned and dilapidated, delivering them back to productive use is one mighty challenge. Think about all the moving parts involved in mastering this complex process.

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