• By Michael Freda, PE, LEED AP

Imagine the Possibilities Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Save Money & Time

Today’s construction industry is flush with challenges. Among the newer pressures brought on by the economy and technology, there are some challenges that are as old as time: budget, schedule, and ongoing maintenance costs. The future of our profession relies heavily on our ability to successfully counter those challenges for our clients. EDiS Company and EDiS Building Systems (EBS) Solutions are doing just that, as premier builders of Butler® Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings. When you think of pre-engineered metal buildings, you probably think of featureless, square metal-paneled warehouses, right? Pre-engineered metal buildings have been relegated to use in industrial buildings, warehouses, and large-scale garages because they were functional, but not necessarily aesthetically pleasing. The rigid structures and foreboding aesthetic made them less attractive than conventional construction. That is simply not the case with today’s pre-engineered solutions. Innovation has catapulted pre-engineered metal solutions outside their old “box” and into new and unexpected markets including sports and entertainment, healthcare, education, commercial applications, and more. Butler Manufacturing® is an innovator in the pre-engineered metal building market, and with their new products, new technology, and customized designs, pre-engineered metal solutions are the future of building.



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