• By David L. Mammina, AIA

Trends in Continuum of Care Facilities

Due to the aging of the Baby Boomer population, in the last five years the trend in Continuum of Care campus-like senior communities has grown in popularity. As a result of this, the development of Independent Senior Living Housing being constructed on the same campus as Assisted Living Facilities continues to be the option of choice. We are seeing independent seniors taking a proactive approach to long term life planning. As this increases, the need for responsive design and development is apparent. The intent of both types of housing is to offer residents the opportunity to make the same day to day choices regarding lifestyle and activities as we are all accustomed to. The Senior Living Housing may offer golf, tennis, yoga/wellness, spa treatments, gardening, art classes, etc. While the Assisted Living Facility would cater more towards a less mobile aging population, the intent is to still provide varieties of choice of activities during the day. This essentially differentiates itself from a Nursing Home where there is an active nursing staff. Many residents are bed ridden or wheelchair bound. Their day is typically planned out by the staff of the facility. This would be seen to most people as a decrease in quality of life.



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