• By Jonathan J. Cohen, CLU

Protect Yourself- The art of buying insurance

When it comes to buying insurance, most business owners want the best value for their money, which is not necessarily the cheapest. The smartest way to do this is to find an insurance broker (one who represents you to many insurance companies), rather than using an insurance agent (who usually represents one or a limited number of insurance companies). After all, you want someone on your side, not on the side of the insurance companies. In the short run, good advice is not cheap. In the long run, it is priceless. Find a Competent Insurance Broker to Represent You Establish a five year or longer cost measurement which includes premiums paid by you and claims paid by the insurance companies. Here are some rules and evaluation points: • Does the broker always give information and proposals in writing? • Will the broker give you an engagement letter detailing its services specifically tailored to you? Accountants do this all the time and it’s one of the signs of a competent professional.



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