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  • Located on the roof of RIDC’s Mill 19 development

RIDC contracts Scalo Solar Solutions to install solar array in Western PA

PITTSBURGH, PA — Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern Pennsylvania (RIDC) has contracted with Scalo Solar Solutions to install what is thought to be one of the largest solar arrays in Western Pennsylvania on the roof of RIDC’s Mill 19 development. Installation begins this week. The array, which will include more than 110,000 s/f of high-powered solar panels and produce over two million kilowatt hours (kWh) per year will also be one of the largest single-surface, sloped roof solar arrays in the country. Mill 19 is a former steel mill located on a 178-acre site formerly owned by J&L Steel Hazelwood Works, then LTV Steel. It is the anchor development of what is now known as the Hazelwood Green site, the last large riverfront brownfield within city limits. Featuring a building within a building design concept, the mill’s metal walls and roof have been stripped away, intentionally revealing its underlaying steel superstructure. Inside the mill’s exoskeleton, there will be a 264,000 s/f high-tech complex separated into three new buildings with light industrial, R&D, office space and outdoor public amenities.

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