• Nicole Wood, NCIDQ, LEED AP, CHID

“There is satisfaction in creating spaces that affect people and how they heal”

Why did you choose the field/profession you are in today? My profession chose me. I was always destined to do design – I can recall designing houses for my sister when I babysat her in my childhood. I started my professional career as an interior designer and did a lot of commercial work. I fell into healthcare, and I chose to stay in it because I felt passionate about the work I was doing. There is satisfaction in creating spaces that affect people and how they heal. That is something that you don’t get when designing for commercial or hospitality. What was your greatest professional accomplishment in 2018? In 2018, I sat for my AAHID exam and passed it. The test encompasses a wide range of design areas – from senior living all the way through hospitals and medical office – testing the healthcare design profession as a whole. Passing it was a testament to the work that I’ve done in healthcare in becoming a leader in my space. What was your most notable project, deal or transaction in 2018? My most notable project in 2018 was the Mt. Carmel Grove City Replacement Hospital, which opened in April of this year. It was a labor of love for more than 6 years. When I started the project, I was newly married with no kids. I now have a five-year-old. Juggling the notoriety of the project, which we started from the ground up, and being a new mom managing travel was really my first foray into balancing family/work life and still being successful.



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