• Philip P. Crowley

5 Keys to Work, Success, & Happiness

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to observe many successful people, and I have found that there are five factors that seem common to them all—and missing in those who are not. 1. Find something you LOVE to do that HELPS other people. if you love to do it, you’ll have an inexhaustible supply of energy for it. And if it helps others, there will always be a demand for it. 2. Pursue it with PASSION and INTEGRITY. Passion will help you learn to do it well, and Integrity will attract others with integrity (and repel those who don’t). 3. Set HIGH GOALS and decide to have SELF-CONFIDENCE. People who set high goals achieve much more than those with no or short-sighted goals; Self-confidence is a gift we give ourselves and is a decision that we make. 4. ENJOY THE RIDE. The pleasure comes from the journey, not necessarily the ultimate destination. 5. Be GRATEFUL. Recognize and celebrate the help others have given to you and pay it forward. Gratitude is an important value to embrace and share with those special people who had a successful hand in lifting you up. Philip P. Crowley, is a dedicated attorney who has been handling legal matters for pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical devices, information technology and other technology companies for over 30 years. Philip P. Crowley is managing partner of Law Office of Philip P. Crowley LLC. 


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