Meet Cullen Company, Your Local Pump Manufactures’ Representative

Cullen Company has celebrated over sixty years of business, founded in 1954 by Hugh J. Cullen and developed by his son, Richard Cullen. The small business has grown from an operation in Jersey City, New Jersey to the present centralized engineering and warehouse facilities in Neptune, New Jersey, with satellite offices in Upstate, New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cullen Company has had the distinct honor and privilege of being chosen for many notable jobs including: • Replacement of pumps and controls to run the 260 elevator motors in both World Trade Center buildings after the 1993 bombing. • Consultation for pumping and engineering issues associated with the containment of Hudson River water away from Ground Zero after 9/11. • The first sewage treatment plant at the Statue of Liberty and Pump equipment for Ellis Island. • Pump equipment for Disney World • Pump equipment for 26 Rockefeller Center sites. • Pump equipment for the American Consulate in India.



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