• Geeta Nadkarni

Digital Marketing: Burn Your Funnel and Start Over

We used to have a terribly complex, segmented funnel using all sorts of tools to deliver all sorts of products at price points ranging from $7 to $3500. But, we found that for each product we created to fill a “gap” in our pricing ladder, we created a bunch of marketing busy work for ourselves. After all, each product needs to be marketed separately and then integrated into the overall funnel. We realized we were spending 80% of our time and resources marketing instead of doing the part we adored: serving our clients and helping them create magnetic messaging that attracted both press and ideal clients. So we basically burned everything to the ground and rebuilt a funnel that is incredibly simple. Just 3 steps: 1. Clarity of mindset and messaging: Making sure that you’re creating something that TRULY solves clients’ problems rather than getting them to a milestone along the way and then finding the words that act as a dog whistle to those clients.



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